State Society Grants

The Grants Committee of the General society of the War of 1812 has been established to respond to funding request that, from time to time, are submitted to the General Society for consideration. The Grants Committee will have a Chair and two other members from the General Society membership appointed by the President General and approved by the Executive Committee.

The Committee will judge the merit of each request on a narrow criterion as follows:
• A project must be of national or regional significance, of enduring character, and demonstrated permanence specific only to the War of 1812, events, landmarks and personalities. The committee will not consider a transitory proposal.

• No grant requests will be considered for individuals. The granting of Scholarships and Fellowships are never considered, except for high school and college students who may act as interns or students on an approved 1812 era Ship or historic site. In this case a report or essay of the experience will be required.

• The Committee will not approve research work that is not directly related to the time period of the War of 1812 nor consider any program of direct social action or political advocacy, nor will it fund operating expenses of any petitioner. The Society will not grant funds to be used for entertainment, food, or beverages. No grant funds will be used for salaries or subsidies for any individuals.

All grant proposals shall be submitted on a form provided by the General Society to include, but not limited to the following basic information:
• Name of the requesting State Society or Organization
• A detailed description of the project along with attachments showing a rendition of the finished product in the case of Monuments and Markers, or a treatment in the case of a literary project. The General Society will provide Guidance and approval for the appropriate seals and artwork. The General Society may request any other information it deems appropriate to determine the merits of the request.

The General Society may match up to 50% of a State Society’s project not to exceed $1,000.00 per proposal or in the amounts approved by the Executive Committee.

All grant requests for financial support from the General Society must be submitted to the Co-Chairman of the Grants Committee: David Eagan and Robert Gang. Upon approval, the Treasurer General will be notified.

Adopted: August 24th 2013 at The Hermitage, Nashville, Tennessee

Robert J. Gang
Chairman, Grants Committee