ROTC Awards

ROTC Awards Program

“The cherishing, maintenance, and extension of the institutions of American freedom, the fostering of true patriotism – love of country.” This is the concluding sentence in the “Purpose” of the General Society of the War of 1812. This purpose is being fulfilled by the presentation of ROTC Awards throughout the United States and its possessions. Since our Society is not represented in every state of the Union, the professors of Army, Navy and Aero Space Studies, present the award on behalf of the Society. In states having State Societies, a member may present the award at the ceremony arranged by the ROTC unit. The ROTC units request the award annually. If a request is received in a state having a State Society, the name and address of the State Society president is provided to the ROTC unit.

A complete list of the ROTC units participating in our Military Awards Program has been computerized and is updated as requests are received. Should a State Society desire to know what schools within their state are participating, they may request the information from the Vice-President General for Military Awards.

William Edward Sekel
Vice President General, Military Awards